Tenant Information

This is where you find information for the start of your tenancy, during your tenancy, and at the end of your tenancy.



18a General Tenancy Agreement with addendum

17a During tenancy booklet

17a Moving in booklet

17a Moving out booklet

Pet Application and Agreement




How to Pay Rent

We prefer payment direct to our trust account as this saves in transaction fees. We also use the Macquarie DEFT payment system. This is a secure payment system that uses a unique code per property, ensuring rent cannot be allocated to the wrong account. There are several payment methods available to tenants using this system (see link below). Upon having your application approved you will be provided with your Macquarie DEFT card and unique code, and this will be used for your payment within 24 hours to secure the property. Once payment is cleared, we will stop marketing the property, and this initial payment from you will be receipted as bond.

Tenant Instructions HOW TO PAY RENT WITH DEFT Card


Connection of Services

Moving is a stressful time, and it can be difficult and time consuming to organise the connection of all the services required for your new home. Stacey Lee Realty has tried to minimise this stress for you by utilising the connection services of Direct Connect. If you complete the form with your tenancy application and confirm you wish to use their services, we send your information to Direct Connect and they will call you and act on your behalf for connection of all services you request – all at no charge to you. If you did not complete this form with your application you can download the form again and give it to your property manager before handover so they can submit it for you.

Direct Connect Application

Entry Condition Report

At your handover appointment you will receive the keys to your property, your new tenant pack, and your Entry Condition Report. It is important that you take the time to go through the property and complete your side of the report in case your property manager missed something when completing it. You are obliged to return the property in the condition that was recorded on the Entry Condition Report, minus fair wear and tear.  Once you complete the report you need to return it to your property manager within three (3) business days.

RTA Form 1a Entry Condition Report


Repair Request Form

As you move in and during your tenancy, you may come across items that require repair. We ask that all such requests for maintenance are in writing for us to have this on file and submit to the owner.  Please use the form below and provide it to your property manager.

Repair Request Form


RTA Fact Sheets







Complaints Resolution Procedure

We hope through following Best Practice methods and ensuring open communication with our tenants that there will be no problems, however if you feel there is a problem that is not being addressed we have outlined our process below. We want to ensure you understand your satisfaction is important to us and we will always endeavour to do the best for you and our owners.

Public Notice of Our Procedure

Complaint Form




Ending Your Tenancy

Prior to the end of your fixed term agreement, you will either be contacted with a lease renewal offer or issued a notice to leave.  Alternatively, if your situation changes and you need to break your tenancy you will need to issue your property manager with the RTA Form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave, and you may be responsible for a break lease fee (usually one week’s rent plus GST), and you are also obliged to continue paying rent until a new tenant is secured for the property. Under these circumstances we will do our best to find a new tenant as quickly as possible, and appreciate your cooperation when we are showing through prospective tenants.  Upon vacating you will need to return your property in the condition it was recorded in on your Entry Condition Report, and complete an Exit Condition Report. You will need to make an appointment for handover of keys and any remotes, and your exit condition report with your property manager.  Please find useful forms attached below.

RTA form 13 Notice of Intention to leave

RTA Form 14a Exit condition report

Cleaning Checklist